Commit 4a11647d authored by Richard Robert Sawoscinski's avatar Richard Robert Sawoscinski
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Delete Drive Transfer Errors: 02-02-2022 15:59.csv

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1w6cerfkxtyfwkgsbZnAL7Xfqx9GH3dMBqitnu2j_S_4,"OrderedDict([('owner', ''), ('name', 'Book report'), ('id', '1w6cerfkxtyfwkgsbZnAL7Xfqx9GH3dMBqitnu2j_S_4'), ('link', ''), ('parent', 'root'), ('created', '2020-06-09T21:21:53.673Z')])"
1PYnTCwcudDrUVuUZibfLA5zfKgzYdF3vlFdoC-G37qo,"OrderedDict([('owner', ''), ('name', 'Untitled presentation'), ('id', '1PYnTCwcudDrUVuUZibfLA5zfKgzYdF3vlFdoC-G37qo'), ('link', ''), ('parent', 'root'), ('created', '2020-05-18T16:14:14.257Z')])"
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