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cleaned up some of the printout text

parent 2df71b69
......@@ -283,7 +283,8 @@ class Sifter:
gfolder_info = (gfolder_info[gfolder_info.find('(')+1:gfolder_info.find(')')])
gfolder_info = ("{}").format(gfolder_info)
print ("Results for sifter available here: {}".format(gfolder_info))
print ("\nGAM downloads require a folder that 'collaboration' has write access to.")
print ("===============================================================================================================\n")
except CalledProcessError:
'Unable to create report directory',
......@@ -308,8 +309,8 @@ class Sifter:
file_id = str(file_id)
file_id = (file_id[file_id.find('(')+1:file_id.find(')')])
print ("\nGAM command to download {} file:".format(log_file))
print ("gam user {} get drivefile id {}".format(upload_user, file_id))
print ("GAM command to download {} file (replace 'drivetransfers' with your working folder):".format(log_file))
print ("gam user {} get drivefile id {} Format csv location '~/drivetransfers' \n".format(upload_user, file_id))
except CalledProcessError:
'Error uploading {}'.format(log_file),
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