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Commit fb204992 authored by Rob Carleski's avatar Rob Carleski 🇮🇸
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Fix issue where group is fetched, but owners are not set from it.

- Also add line to Box canned text advising against direct login,
  favoring use of shared folder from personal account.
parent 22cc402b
......@@ -88,6 +88,9 @@ class SharedAccount:
self.box_text = '''
Box-Specific Information:
- While a password is provided to log directly into your shared U-M Box account, we strongly recommend against doing so, and instead using the new shared folder from your own account.
- The ability to use Box Sync with shared accounts is disabled by default, but allowed in certain circumstances; if you need this, please reply to this message to discuss. Syncing the shared folder in your individual account is always allowed.
- Files placed in shared account folders are owned by the shared account.
......@@ -222,6 +225,9 @@
extra={'entity': self.account}
if not self.owners:
self.owners = self.mcomm_group.owners
if set(self.owners) - set(self.mcomm_group.owners):
_needs_update = True
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