Commit 6d6570b7 authored by Rob Carleski's avatar Rob Carleski 🇮🇸
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Change fetch_group to only accept exact matches

parent 0d8824e5
......@@ -128,14 +128,15 @@ class Client:
if r.status_code ==
data = r.json()
if data[0]['person']:
return 'uid={},ou=people,dc=umich,dc=edu'.format(
elif data[0]['group']:
return data[0]['dn'].lower()
raise ValueError('Entity found but unidentifiable.')
for _ in data:
if _['person']:
if _['naming'] == name:
return _['dn']
elif _['group']:
if _['displayName'] == name:
return _['dn']
raise Exception('Unable to find matching entity.')
def _apply_update(self, endpoint):
"""Generic update function
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