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Commit 9c6e5646 authored by Paul Arthur's avatar Paul Arthur
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Add Slack tests, fix Slack provider

* Use correct endpoint (/Users/{id}, not /Users/{username}), which is
  returned as part of the user object.

* Correctly check for HTTP success error code (`` is only
  '200', not all success responses.)

* Pass JSON data to Requests using `json`, not `data`
parent fe6c722c
......@@ -64,3 +64,6 @@ Tests can be run with `python test`.
CSAM uses the [pytest]( testing framework, so
tests can also be run directly with the command `pytest`.
To run the Slack integration tests, set the `SLACK_API_TOKEN`
environment variable.
......@@ -35,15 +35,17 @@ class SlackUser:
def __init__(self, client, username):
self.client = client
self.username = username
self.user = None
def _update(self):
self.user = None
params = {
'filter': 'username eq {}'.format(username),
'filter': 'username eq {}'.format(self.username),
r = client.get('/Users', params=params)
r = self.client.get('/Users', params=params)
for user in r.json()['Resources']:
if user['userName'] == username:
if user['userName'] == self.username:
self.user = user
......@@ -56,16 +58,37 @@ class SlackUser:
return not self.user['active']
return False
def create(self):
def create(self, domain=''):
if self.exists:
return self.activate()
data = {
"schemas": [
'userName': self.username,
'emails': [{
'value': '{}@{}'.format(self.username, domain),
'type': 'work',
'primary': True,
r ='/Users', json=data)
if r.ok:
return True
raise CSAMError('Unable to create {} in Slack'.format(self.username))
def activate(self):
if self.disabled:
data = {
'active': True,
r = self.client.patch('/Users/{}'.format(self.user['id'], data=data))
if r.status_code ==
r = self.client.patch(self.user['meta']['location'], json=data)
if r.ok:
return True
raise CSAMError('Unable to activate {} in Slack'.format(self.username))
......@@ -78,8 +101,9 @@ class SlackUser:
def suspend(self):
if self.user and not self.disabled:
r = self.client.delete('/Users/{}'.format(self.username))
if r.status_code ==
r = self.client.delete(self.user['meta']['location'])
if r.ok:
return True
raise CSAMError('Unable to suspend {} in Slack'.format(self.username))
import os
import pytest
from csam.slack import SlackClient
def slack():
token = os.environ.get('SLACK_API_TOKEN')
if not token:
pytest.skip('No Slack token available')
return SlackClient(token)
def test_user_manipulation(slack):
username = 'csam.testuser'
user = slack.user(username)
assert user.exists
assert not user.disabled
assert user.disabled
assert not user.suspend()
assert user.activate()
assert not user.disabled
assert not user.activate()
def test_nonexistent_user(slack):
user = slack.user('thisusernamecanneverexistbecauseitswaytoolong')
assert not user.exists
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