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Role Name
This role configures an ESXi host for the best practices when using Pure storage. The settings are
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Role Variables
### Defaults
- `Third_Party_Array_Not_Support_ATS_HB` - If a third party array also used in the environment
has issues using ATS heartbeats, it is ok to disable this functionality. The default value is `false`.
- `Third_Party_Array_Not_Support_Max_HW_Transfer_Size` - If a third party array also used in the environment
has issues increasing the maximum size of VAAI XCOPY operations, it is ok to leave MaxHWTransferSize
at the default. The default value is `false`.
- `MaxHWTransferSize` - By default this is set to `4096`, but for best performance on Pure storage it should
be set to `16384`. It will automatically be calculated based on the value of
`Third_Party_Array_Not_Support_Max_HW_Transfer_Size`. You might want to override it if you have another
array in the environment that supports operations larger than the default but smaller than Pure's recomendation.
### Required
- `vcenter_hostname` - The hostname or address of the vCenter server.
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