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Commit 56525207 authored by Jon Yu's avatar Jon Yu
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Tweak start_project so it copies, substitutes properly

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#!/usr/bin/env bash
set -eE
readonly IMAGE_TAG=umich_django_template
readonly CONTAINER_PROJECT_DIR=/usr/src/"$2"
readonly OUTPUT_PATH="$1"
readonly PROJECT_NAME="$2"
readonly IMAGE_TAG="python:slim"
readonly CONTAINER_NAME="umich_template_project_runner"
clean_up() {
docker stop $CONTAINER_NAME
docker stop $CONTAINER_NAME >/dev/null
if [ "$#" -ne 2 ]; then
echo "Usage: $1 Project Output Path; $2 Project Name" >&2
echo "Usage: start_project [Output Path] [Project Name]" >&2
exit 1
if ! [ -d "$1" ]; then
echo "$1 not a directory" >&2
if ! [ -d "$OUTPUT_PATH" ]; then
echo "$OUTPUT_PATH not a directory" >&2
exit 1
trap clean_up EXIT
docker build -t $IMAGE_TAG ./app
docker run --rm -d -t -v "$1":"$CONTAINER_PROJECT_DIR":z --name $CONTAINER_NAME --entrypoint /bin/bash $IMAGE_TAG
docker exec -it $CONTAINER_NAME django-admin startproject --template ./ "$2" "$CONTAINER_PROJECT_DIR"
\ No newline at end of file
set -eE
docker run --rm -d -t -v "$OUTPUT_PATH":"$CONTAINER_OUTPUT_DIR":z -v "$(pwd)":"$CONTAINER_BASE_TEMPLATE_DIR":ro --name $CONTAINER_NAME --entrypoint /bin/bash $IMAGE_TAG
docker exec -t $CONTAINER_NAME python -m pip install django
docker exec -t $CONTAINER_NAME django-admin startproject --template=$CONTAINER_BASE_TEMPLATE_DIR --name=Dockerfile "$PROJECT_NAME" "$CONTAINER_OUTPUT_DIR"
echo "Done! Change dir to $OUTPUT_PATH and run docker-compose up --build to start the project"
\ No newline at end of file
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