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Commit 321612e3 authored by Brett N Miller's avatar Brett N Miller
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Update crypto_challenge_2/, crypto_challenge_2/challenge.txt,...

Update crypto_challenge_2/, crypto_challenge_2/challenge.txt, crypto_challenge_2/flag.txt files
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# Make challenge
# Encrypte a file with a simple XOR, with the key being integers starting at 1.
flag="umichCTF{"$(openssl rand -base64 16)"}"
echo -n $flag > flag.txt
filesize=$(wc -c < flag.txt)
# Make the key file - just hex numbers increasing from 1, one per line.
jot -w "%x" $filesize 1 $filesize > key.txt
# Make file to create xor printf lines to execute in bash. Use "#" in paste for ease of replacement in sed.
xxd -p -c1 flag.txt > flag-lines-hex.txt
paste -d "#" flag-lines-hex.txt key.txt > xors.txt
cat xors.txt | sed -e "s/^/printf '\%X' \$\(\(0x/" | sed -e "s/#/\^0x/" | sed -e "s/$/\)\)/" | bash > challenge.txt
rm flag-lines-hex.txt xors.txt
# Check the encryption/decryption
xxd -r -p challenge.txt | xxd -p -c1 > crypto-lines.txt
paste -d "#" crypto-lines.txt key.txt > xors2.txt
cat xors2.txt | sed -e "s/^/printf '\%X' \$\(\(0x/" | sed -e "s/#/\^0x/" | sed -e "s/$/\)\)/" | bash > unxored.txt
xxd -r -p unxored.txt > decrypted.txt
if ! cmp -s "flag.txt" "decrypted.txt"; then
echo "Something went wrong - the flag file and solution do not match!"
# Cleanup
rm crypto-lines.txt xors2.txt unxored.txt decrypted.txt key.txt
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