Commit 07b6fe09 authored by Joe Alberts's avatar Joe Alberts
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Add animations to the two main widgets

I wonder if we can do this for the legend as well?
parent cc129b60
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
<span id="username"></span>&nbsp;&nbsp;-&nbsp;
<span id="sign-out" class="action">Sign Out</span>
<div id="parameter-picker" class="esri-widget">
<div id="parameter-picker" class="esri-widget js-animation animate-in-down">
<label for="parameter-1-select" class="avenir-demi">NWS Parameter:</label>
<select id="parameter-1-select" class="select-full wrap-options"></select>
......@@ -43,8 +43,8 @@
<span class="toggle-switch-label font-size--1">Normalize occurrences by area?</span>
<div id="akViewDiv" class="esri-widget"></div>
<div id="hiViewDiv" class="esri-widget"></div>
<div id="akViewDiv" class="esri-widget js-animation animate-in-up"></div>
<div id="hiViewDiv" class="esri-widget js-animation animate-in-up"></div>
<!-- <div id="infoDiv" class="esri-widget">
<div id="infoDescription">
Show where the % that believe the global warming is between:
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