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Commit 7ff47610 authored by Peter Knoop's avatar Peter Knoop
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Eliminated the hard-coded values for parameter selection. They are now...

Eliminated the hard-coded values for parameter selection. They are now dynamically generated in the JavaScript.
parent f926a41b
......@@ -23,17 +23,11 @@
<span id="sign-out" class="action">Sign Out</span>
<div id="parameter-picker" class="esri-widget">
<label for="parameter-1">Parameter #1:</label>
<select id="parameter-1">
<option selected value="FL">FL</option>
<option value="FF">FF</option>
<label for="parameter-1">NWS Parameter:</label>
<select id="parameter-1-select"></select>
<label for="parameter-2">Parameter #2:</label>
<select id="parameter-2">
<option selected value="happening">Believe global warming is happening"</option>
<option value="happeningOppose">Do not believe global warming is happening"</option>
<label for="parameter-2-">Yale Parameter:</label>
<select id="parameter-2-select"></select>
<div id="mainViewDiv"></div>
<div id="akViewDiv" class="esri-widget"></div>
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