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......@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@ Law and literature have for millennia been closely allied as means of persuasion
Series Editor: Darryl Harper, Amherst College
Editors: Xavier Davis, Michigan State University; Eric Oberstein, Duke University
Editors: Reginar Carter, Violinist & MacArthur Fellow; Xavier Davis, Michigan State University; Eric Oberstein, Director Harlem Stage
Mammoth Records is an academic record label focusing on new jazz recordings. In music today, the means of production are increasingly accessible yet distribution has become tightly controlled by a few actors. Mammoth Records employs the structure of open access scholarly publishing to rectify the music industry’s neglect of “new knowledge” by utilizing digital formats, peer review as a collaborative process, and limited distribution rights associated with Creative Commons licensing. The series models a commitment to the liberal arts by cultivating discovery through analysis, interpretation, and connecting ideas across disciplines.
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