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title: Information for Librarians title: Information for Librarians
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If you are a library interested in subscribing to ACLS HEB, please contact LYRASIS at []( If you are a library interested in subscribing to ACLS HEB, please contact LYRASIS at [](
Three distinctive features with icons: Distinctive Features (with icons)
* Access: We offer individual subscriptions to ACLS society members at the discounted price of $25/year. This is especially helpful for your members who are not affiliated with an academic library system (e.g. independent scholars, contingent faculty, etc.).Learn more about individual access. Curated by Scholars
* Exposure: ACLS HEB can host and highlight outstanding titles in your discipline. We are especially eager to include materials that have not been digitized or are otherwise difficult to access. Learn more about the curation process here. [[link to this description](]
* Innovative Partnerships: We depend upon communication with learned societies to foster innovation in academic publishing and get the most out of our [Fulcrum platform](
Curated by scholars / Affordable pricing / Unique, out-of-print titles Affordable Pricing
Prestigious Collection Unique, Out-of-Print Titles
ACLS HEB includes foundational backlist titles in the humanities and social sciences, with 150-200 titles added annually.
Michigan Publishing partners with libraries to ensure that ACLS HEB is both competitve and appealing in scope, pricing, and licensing.
Enriched User Experience
The Fulcrum platform provides the user with the best possible reading experience, including an easy-to-navigate accessible e-reader with PDF downloads.
Pricing Chart Pricing Chart
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