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title: New YouTube Content Added
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We are pleased to announce two new Lever Press Book Talks on our YouTube
date: 2021-01-19T21:45:10.513Z
[The first features Robin Truth Goodman and graduate student Emily Childers](, who interviews Professor Goodman about her Lever book, *[Promissory Notes: On the Literary Conditions of Debt ](*(2018). In this fascinating conversation, Goodman and Childers probe the themes of the book, its relevance to current events, and why Lever Press was the ideal publisher.
In our [second new Book Talk,]( author Bethany Hicok and contributors Richard Flynn, Alyse Knorr, Yaël Schlick, Heather Treseler, and John Emil Vincent engage in a lively conversation about Lever title *[Elizabeth Bishop and the Literary Archive](*. In addition to their discussion of Bishop as both poet and archivist, they also enumerate the benefits of publishing their book with Lever.
Please follow [our newly revamped YouTube channel ]( we will continue to release new content, including Book Talks from contributors to *[Extraordinary Partnerships](* and short interviews with current member librarians, faculty, and students about the benefits of Lever membership and why they are supporters of the Lever Platinum Open Access publishing model.
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