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......@@ -32,6 +32,7 @@ The Editorial Board is responsible for overseeing the acquisition, review, and d
* Darin Hayton, Haverford College (Chair)
* Katherine Hite, Vassar College
* Jason Mittell, Middlebury College
* Hai-Dang Phan, Grinnell College
* Brett Rogers, University of Puget Sound
* Lisa Trivedi, Hamilton College
......@@ -50,12 +51,10 @@ The Oversight Committee is responsible for overall strategic guidance of the Lev
* Mark Christel, Librarian of the College, Grinnell College (Chair)
* Dalia Corkrum, College Librarian, Penrose Library, Whitman College (Treasurer)
* Martin Garnar, Library Director, Frost Library, Amherst College
* Irene Herold, Librarian of the College, The College of Wooster
* Anne Houston, Dean of Libraries, Skillman Library, Lafayette College
* Frances Maloy, College Librarian, Schaffer Library, Union College
* Craig Milberg, University Librarian, Hatfield Library, Willamette University (Secretary)
* Jonathan Miller, Director of Libraries, Sawyer Library, Williams College
* Deborah Prosser, Director of Olin Library, Rollins College
* Mike Roy, Dean of the Library, Middlebury College
* Bradley Schaffner, College Librarian, Gould Library, Carleton College
* Peggy Seiden, College Librarian, Swarthmore College Libraries, Swarthmore College
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