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......@@ -46,6 +46,10 @@ This series publishes high-quality, original monographs embodying a rigorous lib
Combining the possibilities of digital scholarship with the long-standing strengths of the print monograph, this series strives to publish works that *convey ideas and expand knowledge via digital rhetorics*. Multimodal Monographs will resemble traditional print books as accessed via an online e-reader, but use embedded media forms such as video, audio, and high-resolution images to convey ideas that could not be sufficiently expressed in static print. The published works will explore a wide-range of topics and approaches, but be united through a commitment to born-digital publishing as structured through the stable, archivable, and library-optimized open-access Fulcrum platform, and the use of media assets as core components of intellectual expression, not just illustrations or examples.
*Open Access Musicology,* series editors: Daniel Barolsky (Editor) and Louis Epstein (Associate Editor)
*Open Access Musicology* is a free collection of essays, written in an accessible style and with a focus on modes of inquiry rather than content coverage. Authors draw from their experience as scholars but also as teachers. They have been asked to describe why they became musicologists in the first place and how their individual paths led to the topics they explore and the questions they pose. Like most scholarly literature, the essays have all been reviewed by experts in the field. Unlike all scholarly literature, the essays have also been reviewed by students at a variety of institutions for clarity and relevance. The topics introduce and explore a variety of subjects, practices, and methods but, above all, seek to stimulate classroom discussion on music history’s relevance to performers, listeners, and citizens.
*Re-Editions*: Literary and cultural texts, recovered for the classroom, series editor Michelle Burnham
The Re-Editions series is dedicated to recovering forgotten or overlooked texts from archives, special collections, and the dustbins of history. Quality critical digital editions of books with the potential to change the way we imagine and teach literary and cultural history, suitable for classroom use.
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