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If you’d like to get a sense of what we ask for in a proposal, you may download the templates to review:
<a href="/assets/leverpressindividualprojectproposaltemplatepubliclyaccessible.pdf">Individual project proposal template</a>
<a href="/assets/leverpressseriesproposaltemplatepubliclyaccessible.pdf">Series proposal template</a>
* (Please note that the principal editor of a proposed series must be affiliated with a Lever Press participating institution).
* (Please note that the principal editor of a proposed series must be affiliated with a Lever Press participating institution).
When you’re ready, [submit a proposal to Lever Press]( (free Submittable account required).
Have questions? Want guidance before proceeding with a proposal? Write to us!
Have questions? Want guidance before proceeding with a proposal? Write to us at
## The Lever Press Editorial Program
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Our works are published on [Fulcrum](, which provides a platform allowing narrative to be richly integrated with associated data (images, videos, audio files, visualizations, etc.), optimized for long-term preservation and accessibility.
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**Existing series**
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This series publishes high-quality, original monographs embodying a rigorous liberal arts approach to Asian Studies. Manuscripts published in the ASIANetwork series, no matter how narrowly focused, are expected to raise broad questions of interest and potential classroom utility for Asian Studies scholars in the liberal arts. We encourage authors to discuss a work’s pedagogical relevance when submitting their manuscript for consideration. While the _ASIANetwork Series_ assists teachers in their own professional development and deepens the understanding of Asia within our campus communities, it is also intended to provide a broader reading public with reliable and accurate scholarship about Asia.
Multimodal Monographs, series editor Jason Mittell
Combining the possibilities of digital scholarship with the long-standing strengths of the print monograph, this series strives to publish works that _convey ideas and expand knowledge via digital rhetorics_. Multimodal Monographs will resemble traditional print books as accessed via an online e-reader, but use embedded media forms such as video, audio, and high-resolution images to convey ideas that could not be sufficiently expressed in static print. The published works will explore a wide-range of topics and approaches, but be united through a commitment to born-digital publishing as structured through the stable, archivable, and library-optimized open-access Fulcrum platform, and the use of media assets as core components of intellectual expression, not just illustrations or examples.
_Re-Editions_: Literary and cultural texts, recovered for the classroom, series editor Michelle Burnham
The Re-Editions series is dedicated to recovering forgotten or overlooked texts from archives, special collections, and the dustbins of history. Quality critical digital editions of books with the potential to change the way we imagine and teach literary and cultural history, suitable for classroom use.
Possible new series or monograph topics
Teaching, Learning, and Leading in Liberal Arts Colleges
Liberal arts colleges have played a distinctive, leadership role in the development of American higher education. Lever Press seeks to publish work that highlights excellence in the scholarship of teaching and learning and strategies that enable transformational student development. We will also seek contributions from academic leadership reflecting on the present and future state of liberal arts education, providing a forum for both constructive self-reflection and leadership for policy makers, administrators, trustees, graduates, and others who care about sustaining and improving upon the liberal arts college tradition.
Archives and Special Collections
The Helen Hartness Flanders Ballad Archive at Middlebury College and the Kuna Indian or Burmese works housed in the Denison Museum are just two of many examples of the remarkable materials held by many liberal arts colleges. Lever Press welcomes interdisciplinary studies of a specific collection, and encourages thematic studies across institutional collections that promote collaboration and illustrate our connections. Of particular interest are as-yet unexplored narratives of communities, movements, and populations whose voices have been marginalized and excluded.
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