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The Ontology of Open Acess: The Historians’ Guide from Manuscript to Monograph
to Reception and Impact, March 2 at 11:00
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Join us for this live webinar, part of the American Historical Association's
virtual 2021 event programming
date: 2021-02-04T19:19:54.187Z
This panel, for historians, history professionals, and publishers, demystifies the editorial and acquisitions process for open access publishing; discusses the merits of different electronic platforms; looks at how to market OA scholarship to peers and students; and unpacks the big questions surrounding funding, reception, and impact. With Elizabeth A. S. Demers, University of Michigan Press, Beth Bouloukos, University of Amherst Press and Lever Press, Beth Fuget, University of Washington Press, and Heather Staines, Knowledge Futures Group. Join us at 11:00 EST on March 2; [registration available here](
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