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Adding the week01 hw1 to the repo. This is the first commit but final copy of...

Adding the week01 hw1 to the repo.  This is the first commit but final copy of the homework.  All 3 questions should be answered to completion unless otherwise stated.`
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# EECS 201 HW 1\
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## Question 1\
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Guest Additions make Ubuntu more usable by the user, and helps optimize the operating system. They change the viewing and usability of the Ubuntu screen. The thing I noticed after rebooting the VM is I was able to resize the screen to make it more user friendly than it was originally.\
## Question 2\
``` 2\
So I believe that my computing experience can be split up into two different categories, each aligning with a culture. When I write code, although it is not the same as the Unix framework, I enjoy the idea of little responses, and a command line that takes care of all the requests. I don\'92t want the user to see the interworkings \'97 much like a Unix culture. On the other hand, when using an operating system I prefer something that tells me what is happening, similar to a Windows culture. So it really comes down to what side of a computing experience did we want to classify.\
## Question 3\
``` 3\
What I was able to take away from the two articles was the consensus that the command line was not only extremely different from other coding, but it was something that wasn\'92t really as important as the actual high level thought processes the programs actually take. The one thing I really took away, from the second one, was the fact that the author thought it was a valuable learning opportunity for students to understand how the command line works and how to get it to produce what the students need. Other than that, it was a great take away to find out even professors get annoyed with the command line, because I know I do.\
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