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# EECS 201 HW 13
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## Question 1
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The first IDE I chose was the Scratch. This is a Visual IDE which gives you the ability to create an interactive program with the Scratch character. A lot of what I did was learn how the different pieces interacted with one another. It was hard at points to try and figure out how to do things like analyze a string literal or what a block does in regards to the rest of the already detailed events. I have worked a little with JavaScript and Swift in the past so it was helpful already understanding how events worked. I tried to create events like onHover but was unsuccessful. Overall, I made an interactive program where the user was able to communicate with the icon, switching color and costume, as well as learn more information through events.
## Question 2
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I set up 4 IFTTT applets. I did a lot of ones that intergrade my IOS applications with my Google Drive and my DropBox. The first one I chose to set up was syncing my IOS with DropBox therefore whenever I save a photo to my computer, it automatically makes a link to it in my DropBox. The second one I set up was the same type of application, where my IOS syncs with my google Drive. I chose these because I could use them frequently in my day to day life, and it has been something I have been meaning to explore. The other two were just safe keeping, in a similar vein. The other two were syncing my Camera Roll on my iphone to Dropbox and to not only save new photos to DropBox, but to backup my old photos. These are all useful because if I were to lose my phone or computer I wouldn't lose all my photos. I followed the instructions of the download as well as set up a DropBox account. Overall, it was an interesting way to integrate different parts of my life.
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