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Commit 6f5fb850 authored by bernie wang's avatar bernie wang
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fixed camera focus

parent f85eb470
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ function addRow(box) {
$("#object-table tbody select").last().focus();
// handler that highlights input and corresponding bounding box when input ic selected
// handler that highlights input and corresponding bounding box when input is selected
$("#object-table").on('mousedown', 'tbody tr', function() {
isMoving = false;
var boxId = $(this).find('.id').text();
......@@ -24,12 +24,17 @@ $("#object-table").on('mousedown', 'tbody tr', function() {;
selectedBox = box;
var center = box.get_center();
// console.log(center);
// camera.position.set(center.x, 100, center.y);
// camera.updateProjectionMatrix();
// controls.update();
var current_angle = camera.rotation.z;
console.log("current angle:", current_angle);, 0, center.y);
//, 0, 0);
// console.log(camera.position);
camera.rotation.z = current_angle;
console.log("camera rotation: ", camera.rotation.z);
// camera.lookAt(new THREE.Vector3(center.x,0,center.y));
// controls.update();
// TODO: Fix bug where there is a phantom box in the next frame when you delete a box
if ( ! Detector.webgl ) Detector.addGetWebGLMessage();
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