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    1. Added SamplingMode: _TEMP_DISABLED_SAMPLING_MODE_ · 7a0c5c95
    Valeriy M Tenishev authored
       When SamplingMode==_TEMP_DISABLED_SAMPLING_MODE_ the memory beffers
    to accumulate the particle sample are still allocated because sampling
    is only temporarely suppressed not completly desabled => sampling can be
    executed during the run => memory need to be allocated
    The mode _DISABLED_SAMPLING_MODE_ means that the sampling is completely
    disables. Allocation of the memory to store sample is limited to the
    very minimum
    2. Added flag PIC::ParticleWeightTimeStep::GlobalTimeStepInitialized
    which is set true when the value of
    PIC::ParticleWeightTimeStep::GlobalTimeStep is initialied in
    PIC::Init_BeforeParser() or in amps_param__interface.cpp. The flag is
    needed to prevent re-initialization of
    PIC::ParticleWeightTimeStep::GlobalTimeStep() when it is already
    initialized in amps_param__interface.cpp
    3. Command "#TIMESTEPPING" is added in the PT component section of the
    PARAM.in when AMPS is executed as a component of the SWMF