Commit 5f83a85e authored by Valeriy M Tenishev's avatar Valeriy M Tenishev
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added: recent commit to PT_wrapper.f90 in the master branch

parent 2021e2e3
......@@ -593,17 +593,16 @@ contains
! Called from coupler after the updated grid point lo<cation are
! received from the other component (SC, IH). Determines whether some
! grid points should be added/deleted
subroutine PT_adjust_lines(DoInit, Source_)
subroutine PT_adjust_lines(Source_)
use CON_bline, ONLY: &
iOffset_B, BL_adjust_lines, Lower_, Upper_, nLine
logical, intent(in) :: DoInit
integer, intent(in) :: Source_
integer :: iLine ! Loop variable
character(len=*), parameter:: NameSub = 'PT_adjust_lines'
call BL_adjust_lines(DoInit, Source_)
call BL_adjust_lines(Source_)
if(Source_ == Lower_)then
do iLine = 1, nLine
! Offset the array, allocated at the lagrangian grid, if needed
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