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Some paramin changes untested

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"""Tools to manipulate or create files Tools
These tools are to help script the editing of files.
__all__ = ['read_command', 'replace_command']
__all__ = [
__author__ = 'Qusai Al Shidi'
__email__ = ''
import logging
def get_command(line):
"""Returns the '#COMMAND' if on line.
line (str): The line in the file.
(str): '#COMMAND' if found and None if not.
to_check = line.split()
if isinstance(to_check, (str, tuple, list)):
if isinstance(to_check, str) and to_check.startswitch('#'):
return to_check
return get_command(to_check[0])
return None
def replace_command(parameters, input_file, output_file=''):
"""Replace values for the parameters in a file.
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