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Commit 23c6e26f authored by Gabor Toth's avatar Gabor Toth
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Carrington Rotation function added and sunpy dependency removed

parent 8e18ac86
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ with open('requirements.txt') as fh_requirements:
author='Qusai Al Shidi',
description='''A collection of tools for the Space Weather Modelling
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ These are automatically imported.
__author__ = 'Qusai Al Shidi'
__license__ = 'MIT'
__version__ = '2020.5'
__version__ = '2020.6'
__maintainer__ = 'Qusai Al Shidi'
__email__ = ''
......@@ -5,6 +5,16 @@
__author__ = 'Qusai Al Shidi'
__email__ = ''
import datetime as dt
def carrington_rotation_number(the_time='now'):
if the_time == 'now':
return carrington_rotation_number(
if isinstance(the_time, str):
return carrington_rotation_number(dt.datetime.fromisoformat(the_time))
return int((the_time.toordinal() - 676715.2247)/27.2753)
def _import_error_string(library):
return (
......@@ -18,8 +18,7 @@ import urllib
from dateutil import rrule
import drms
import numpy as np
from sunpy.coordinates.sun import carrington_rotation_number
from .tools import _nearest
from .tools import _nearest, carrington_rotation_number
# Global defines
# This is straight from the format guide on spdf with nicer names as second col
......@@ -363,8 +362,8 @@ def _get_urls_hmi_b_synoptic_small(client, mag_time):
suffix url of magnetogram
cr_number = int(round(carrington_rotation_number(mag_time)))
query_string = f'hmi.b_synoptic_small[{int(round(cr_number))}]'
cr_number = carrington_rotation_number(mag_time)
query_string = f'hmi.b_synoptic_small[{cr_number}]'
components = ['Bp', 'Bt', 'Br']
data = client.query(query_string, seg=components)
# Generator to find the nearest time
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