Commit 397fd234 authored by Camilla Dodge Koslowsky Harris's avatar Camilla Dodge Koslowsky Harris
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various tweaks to satisfy the linter and starting to remove pandas things

parent 5644e875
......@@ -20,6 +20,9 @@ __all__ = [
__author__ = 'Camilla D. K. Harris'
__email__ = ''
import os
import re
import numpy as np
import tecplot
......@@ -110,20 +113,20 @@ def _save_hdf5():
def _save_ascii():
def _save_csv():
"""Save the aux data and a subset of the variables in plain-text format.
def tecplot_interpolate(
tecplot_plt_file_path: str
, geometry: str
, write_as: str
, filename: str = None
, tecplot_equation_file_path: str = None
, tecplot_variable_pattern: str = None
, verbose: bool = False
, **kwargs
"""Interpolates Tecplot binary data onto various geometries.
......@@ -132,7 +135,7 @@ def tecplot_interpolate(
geometry (str): Type of geometry for interpolation. Supported geometries
are 'shell', 'line', 'rectprism', or 'trajectory'.
write_as (str): Type of file to write to. Supported options are 'hdf5',
'ascii', 'tecplot_ascii', and 'tecplot_plt'.
'csv', 'tecplot_ascii', and 'tecplot_plt'.
filename (str): (Optional) Name of the file to write to. Defaults to a
concatenation of the tecplot file name and the geometry type.
tecplot_equation_file_path (str): (Optional) Path to an equation file to
......@@ -160,7 +163,7 @@ def tecplot_interpolate(
center (array-like): Argument for the 'rectprism' geometry. Contains the
X, Y, and Z positions of the center of the rectangular prism.
Defaults to (0,0,0).
halfwidth (array-like): Argument for the 'rectprism' geometry. Contains
halfwidths (array-like): Argument for the 'rectprism' geometry. Contains
the half widths of the rectangular prism in the X, Y, and Z
directions. Required.
npoints (array-like): Argument for the 'rectprism' geometry. Contains
......@@ -208,16 +211,17 @@ def tecplot_interpolate(
if verbose:
print('Adding defaults')
if 'shell' in geometry_params['kind']:
geometry_params['center'] = geometry_params.get('center',(0.0,0.0,0.0))
geometry_params['npolar'] = geometry_params.get('npolar',181)
geometry_params['nazimuth'] = geometry_params.get('nazimuth',359)
geometry_params['center'] = geometry_params.get('center', (0.0,0.0,0.0))
geometry_params['npoints'] = geometry_params.get('npoints', (359,181))
elif 'rectprism' in geometry_params['kind']:
geometry_params['center'] = geometry_params.get('center', (0.0,0.0,0.0))
## check that we support the geometry
geometry_param_names = {
'shell': ('radius',)
, 'line': ('r1', 'r2', 'npoints')
, 'rectprism': ('halfwidths', 'npoints')
, 'trajectory': ('trajectory_data', 'trajectory_format')
if geometry_params['kind'] not in geometry_param_names:
raise ValueError(f'Geometry {geometry_params["kind"]} not supported!')
......@@ -232,10 +236,9 @@ def tecplot_interpolate(
## check that we support the file type to save as
file_types = (
, 'csv'
, 'tecplot_ascii'
, 'tecplot_plt'
if write_as not in file_types:
raise ValueError(f'File type {write_as} not supported!')
......@@ -243,15 +246,15 @@ def tecplot_interpolate(
## describe the interpolation we're about to do on the data
if verbose:
print('Geometry to be interpolated:')
for key,value in geometry_params.items():
for key, value in geometry_params.items():
print(f'\t{key}: {value.__repr__()}')
## check whether we are using equations
## check that the equations file is there
use_equations = not (tecplot_equation_file_path is None)
use_equations = not tecplot_equation_file_path is None
if use_equations:
f = open(tecplot_equation_file_path,'r')
equations_file = open(tecplot_equation_file_path, 'r')
if verbose:
print('Applying equations from file:')
......@@ -267,7 +270,7 @@ def tecplot_interpolate(
if not os.path.exists(tecplot_plt_file_path):
raise FileNotFoundError(
f'Tecplot file does not exist: {tecplot_plt_file_path}')
## load the tecplot data
if verbose:
print('Loading tecplot data')
......@@ -281,26 +284,26 @@ def tecplot_interpolate(
## apply equations
if verbose:
print('Applying equations to data')
if verbose:
print('Variables after equations:')
## create geometry zone
if 'shell' in geometry_params['kind']:
geometry_points = shell_geometry(geometry_params)
geometry_points = _shell_geometry(geometry_params)
elif 'line' in geometry_params['kind']:
geometry_points = line_geometry(geometry_params)
geometry_points = _line_geometry(geometry_params)
elif 'rectprism' in geometry_params['kind']:
geometry_points = rectprism_geometry(geometry_params)
geometry_points = _rectprism_geometry(geometry_params)
elif 'trajectory' in geometry_params['kind']:
geometry_points = trajectory_geometry(geometry_params)
geometry_points = _trajectory_geometry(geometry_params)
source_zone = list(batsrus.zones())
new_zone = batsrus.add_ordered_zone('geometry',geometry_points['npoints'])
for i,d in zip((0,1,2),('X','Y','Z')):
new_zone = batsrus.add_ordered_zone('geometry', geometry_points['npoints'])
for i, d in zip((0, 1, 2), ('X', 'Y', 'Z')):
new_zone.values(i)[:] = geometry_points[d][:]
## interpolate variables on to the geometry
if verbose:
print('Interpolating variables:')
......@@ -310,8 +313,8 @@ def tecplot_interpolate(
, source_zones=source_zone
, variables=variables
## add variables for shell and trajectory cases
if 'shell' in geometry_params['kind']:
......@@ -326,7 +329,7 @@ def tecplot_interpolate(
## add auxiliary data
if ('trajectory' in geometry_params['kind']
and 'pandas' in geometry_params['trajectory_format']):
and 'pandas' in geometry_params['trajectory_format']):
{'trajectory_data': type(geometry_params['trajectory_data'])}
......@@ -334,24 +337,22 @@ def tecplot_interpolate(
## construct default filename
if filename == None:
filename = tecplot_plt_file_path[:-4] + f'_{geometry_params["kind"]}'
## save zone
if verbose:
print(f'Writing {filename}')
if 'hdf5' in write_as:
elif 'pandas_ascii' in write_as:
elif 'pandas_hdf5' in write_as:
elif 'csv' in write_as:
elif 'tecplot_ascii' in write_as:
, zones=new_zone
, use_point_format='True'
elif 'tecplot_plt' in write_as:
, zones=new_zone
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