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Commit 523f958b authored by Qusai Al Shidi's avatar Qusai Al Shidi 💬
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Fixed download_magnetogram_adapt. Also raise new error if hmi mag not found

parent 39ba725a
......@@ -164,6 +164,8 @@ def download_magnetogram_hmi(time, **kwargs):
ImportError: If module `drms` is not found.
FileNotFoundError: If the JSOC doesn't have the magnetograms for that
......@@ -211,6 +213,8 @@ def download_magnetogram_hmi(time, **kwargs):
if not download_dir.endswith('/') and download_dir != '':
download_dir += '/'
for data_time, mag_url in zip(times, data[1].field):
if mag_url == 'BadSegLink': # JSOC will return this if not found
raise FileNotFoundError('Could not find those HMI magnetograms.')
filename = str(data_time).replace(' ', '_') # Add timestamp
filename += '_' + mag_url.split('/')[-1] # Last is filename
url = '' + mag_url
......@@ -339,7 +343,7 @@ def download_magnetogram_adapt(time, map_type='fixed', **kwargs):
# return first file name if all goes well
return_name = filenames[0]
return_name = filenames
if '.gz' in return_name:
return_name = return_name[:-3]
return_name = return_name.replace('.gz', '')
return return_name
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