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Removed deprecated functions. Will write new ones.

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......@@ -6,7 +6,6 @@ TODO: Move pandas dependancy elsewhere.
import datetime as dt
import numpy as np
def read_wdc_ae(wdc_filename):
......@@ -147,60 +146,6 @@ def read_wdc_asy_sym(wdc_filename):
return return_data
def read_omni_csv(filename, filtering=False, **kwargs):
"""Take an OMNI csv file from
and turn it into a pandas.DataFrame.
fnames (dict): dict with filenames from omni .lst files.
The keys must be: density, temperature,
magnetic_field, velocity
filtering (bool): default=False Remove points where the value
is >sigma (default: sigma=3) from mean.
coarseness (int): default=3, Number of standard deviations
above which to remove if filtering=True.
clean (bool): default=True, Clean the omni data of bad data points
pandas.DataFrame: object with solar wind data
Make sure to download the csv files with
the header seperated into a json file for safety.
This only tested with OMNI data specifically.
# TODO: This needs a lot of work
import pandas as pd
# Read the csv files and set the index to dates
colnames = ['Time', 'Bx [nT]', 'By [nT]', 'Bz [nT]',
'Vx [km/s]', 'Vy [km/s]', 'Vz [km/s]',
'Rho [n/cc]', 'T [K]']
with open(filename, 'r') as datafile:
data = pd.read_csv(datafile, names=colnames, skiprows=1)
data.set_index(pd.to_datetime(data[data.columns[0]]), inplace=True)
data.drop(columns=data.columns[0], inplace=True) = "Time [UT]"
# clean bad data
if kwargs.get('clean', True):
data["By [nT]"] = data["By [nT]"][data["By [nT]"].abs() < 80.]
data["Bx [nT]"] = data["Bx [nT]"][data["Bx [nT]"].abs() < 80.]
data["Bz [nT]"] = data["Bz [nT]"][data["Bz [nT]"].abs() < 80.]
data["Rho [n/cc]"] = data["Rho [n/cc]"][data["Rho [n/cc]"] < 500.]
data["Vx [km/s]"] = data["Vx [km/s]"][data["Vx [km/s]"].abs() < 2000.]
data["Vz [km/s]"] = data["Vz [km/s]"][data["Vz [km/s]"].abs() < 1000.]
data["Vy [km/s]"] = data["Vy [km/s]"][data["Vy [km/s]"].abs() < 1000.]
data["T [K]"] = data["T [K]"][data["T [K]"] < 1.e7]
if filtering:
_coarse_filtering(data, kwargs.get('coarseness', 3))
return data.interpolate().bfill().ffill()
def _coarse_filtering(data, coarseness=3):
"""Applies coarse filtering to a pandas.DataFrame"""
for column in data.columns:
......@@ -209,74 +154,6 @@ def _coarse_filtering(data, coarseness=3):
data[column] = data[data[column].abs() < mean+coarseness*sigma][column]
def write_imf_input(data, outfilename="IMF.dat", enable_rb=True, **kwargs):
"""Writes the pandas.DataFrame into an input file
that SWMF can read as input IMF (IMF.dat).
data: pandas.DataFrame object with solar wind data
outfilename: The output file name for ballistic solar wind data.
(default: "IMF.dat")
enable_rb: Enables solar wind input for the radiation belt model.
(default: True)
gse (bool): (default: False) Use GSE coordinates instead of GSM.
Other paramaters:
gse: (default=False)
Use GSE coordinate system for the file instead of GSM default.
# Generate BATS-R-US solar wind input file
with open(outfilename, 'w') as outfile:
outfile.write("CSV files downloaded from ")
if kwargs.get('gse', False):
outfile.write("yr mn dy hr min sec msec bx by bz vx vy vz dens temp\n")
for index, rows in data.iterrows():
outfile.write(index.strftime("%Y %m %d %H %M %S") + ' ')
outfile.write(index.strftime("%f")[:3] + ' ')
outfile.write(str(rows['Bx [nT]'])[:7] + ' ')
outfile.write(str(rows['By [nT]'])[:7] + ' ')
outfile.write(str(rows['Bz [nT]'])[:7] + ' ')
outfile.write(str(rows['Vx [km/s]'])[:7] + ' ')
outfile.write(str(rows['Vy [km/s]'])[:7] + ' ')
outfile.write(str(rows['Vz [km/s]'])[:7] + ' ')
outfile.write(str(rows['Rho [n/cc]'])[:7] + ' ')
outfile.write(str(rows['T [K]'])[:7] + ' ')
# Generate RBE model solar wind input file
if enable_rb:
with open("RB.SWIMF", 'w') as rbfile:
# Choose first element as t=0 header (unsure if this is safe)
rbfile.write(data.index[0].strftime("%Y, %j, %H ")
+ "! iyear, iday, ihour corresponding to t=0\n")
swlag_time = None
if swlag_time in kwargs:
rbfile.write(str(kwargs["swlag_time"]) + " "
+ "! swlag time in seconds "
+ "for sw travel to subsolar\n")
# Unsure what 11902 means but following example file
rbfile.write("11902 data "
+ "P+ NP NONLIN P+ V (MOM)\n")
# Quantity header
rbfile.write("dd mm yyyy hh mm "
+ "#/cc km/s\n")
for index, rows in data.iterrows():
rbfile.write(index.strftime("%d %m %Y %H %M %S.%f")
+ " "
+ str(rows['Rho [n/cc]'])[:8]
+ " "
# Speed magnitude
+ str(np.sqrt(rows['Vx [km/s]']**2
+ rows['Vy [km/s]']**2
+ rows['Vz [km/s]']**2))[:8]
+ '\n')
def read_gm_log(filename, colnames=None, dtypes=None, index_time=True):
"""Make a dictionary out of the indeces outputted
from the GM model log.
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