Commit bfefaee3 authored by Qusai Al Shidi's avatar Qusai Al Shidi 💬
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Minor change that doesn't matter

parent 57ac9263
......@@ -314,13 +314,19 @@ def read_gm_log(filename, colnames=None, dtypes=None, index_time=True):
# Usually the names are in the second line
if not colnames:
colnames = logfile.readline().split()
colnames = _fix_str_duplicates(colnames)
except RuntimeWarning:
print(f'{__name__}: Warning: '
+ 'Found duplicates in column names. '
+ 'Changes made to column names.')
for col in colnames:
return_data[col] = []
# Fill data dictionary
for line_num, line in enumerate(logfile):
if line_num > 2: # First two lines are usually metadata
for col, data in enumerate(line.split()):
for col, data in enumerate(line.strip().split()):
if dtypes:
data = dtypes[col](data)
......@@ -341,3 +347,17 @@ def read_gm_log(filename, colnames=None, dtypes=None, index_time=True):
int(return_data[colnames[7]][row]))) # ms
return return_data
def _fix_str_duplicates(str_list):
"""Returns a list and bool if a fix was made.
The fix is adding an _[index] to avoid duplicates.
duplicate_found = False
for index, string in enumerate(str_list):
if str_list.count(string) > 1:
duplicate_found = True
str_list[index] = string + f'_{index}'
if duplicate_found:
raise RuntimeWarning
return str_list
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