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Before submitting pull requests please make sure your code complies with the following.
Coding Style: PEP 8
The style for your code must follow the [PEP 8]( style guide. It would be helpful to use a linter like [pylint]( to check whether your code is complying before submitting.
Coding Standard
Please write readable code. Make sure your function names well describes your functions. Always include docstrings that use the [Google coding style]( The Google coding style guide is a good document to follow so I recommend reading it.
If your code has dependencies that is large and uncommon (e.g. SpacePy) then please seperate it as it's own module. For example you may create a folder:
mkdir swmfpy/spacepy
touch swmfpy/
Then your functions will be in swmfpy.spacepy which has its own namespace.
If you want to create a new module make sure what you're trying to do can't just fit in the modules already made.
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