Commit 9345a435 authored by Toth's avatar Toth
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Clean up merge attempt

parent 37a35374
......@@ -65,7 +65,6 @@ T UseFieldLineThreads
200 nPointThreadMax
2.0e-3 DsThreadMin
<<<<<<< HEAD:Events/CR2209/AWSoM_AWSoMR_comp_06Oct2020/
T UseBody
1.0 rBody
......@@ -85,13 +84,10 @@ util/DATAREAD/srcMagnetogram directory of SWMF.
GONG magnetograms are obtained from
radiative_cooling StringTest
>>>>>>> No need for #BODY commands as long as the new code is used:Param/
B0 NameTable
load NameCommand
SC/fdips_bxyz.out NameFile
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