Commit d7c1fb8b authored by Lulu Zhao's avatar Lulu Zhao
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update model and param names

parent a37092d1
......@@ -19,20 +19,20 @@ s = ArgParseSettings(
default = "./output/sep_param_lists/param_list_" * Dates.format(, "yyyy_mm_dd") * ".txt"
help = "Give path to correct PARAM file (specify in restarts AND check for keywords"
default = "../Param/"
default = "../Param/"
help = "Give filename of map to be used, for eg: `ADAPT_41_GONG_CR2161.fts`."
default = "gong_201304110604.fts"
help = "Model to use, for example AWSoM, AWSoMR, AWSoM2T."
default = "AWSoMR_OHSP"
default = "AWSoMR_SCIHOHSP"
help = "start time to use for background. Can give yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:sec:fracsec"
help = "Number of runs to write. Will be checked to ensure it is less than total size of background design."
args = parse_args(s)
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